Putting people over politics

& investing in our communities

— Catherine Krantz for Texas’s 4th Congressional District —

CATHERINE KRANTZ is an award-winning International Entrepreneur and Publisher, with 20 years of experience in economic development.

My name is Catherine Krantz and I am running for Congress because I think we can do better. Small towns in America are getting the short end of the stick. We are facing real challenges and we are so often overlooked and left out of the conversation. We are underfunded in almost everything: schools, roads, hospitals, and telecommunications. It is time to put people over politics and invest in our communities.

I am a Democrat running for office in one of America’s most conservative Republican districts but I can win because I know how frustrated we all are with low paying jobs, high cost of health care, lack of prosperity and opportunity in our communities. I know we have more in common with each other than with the career politicians who represent us and I know we all want what’s best for our communities. I have 20 years of experience in community development and think the most important thing we can do is focus on making our communities prosperous. We need more jobs, more investment in infrastructure, more access to affordable health care and quality education. We don’t need more politics. We need representatives who can put aside their differences and get to work. We need ordinary people like me who are willing to step up and get involved in government. Vote for me and let me get to work for you.

I am investing in our communities.

Please join me! Every dollar counts!

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A representative that represents us.

TEXAS DISTRICT 4 serves Northeast Texas and includes several counties along the Red River northeast of Dallas/Forth Worth Metro area. It also includes rural areas in Rockwall, Rains and Collin Counties. The 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) estimates a population of 735,550. 30% of the population is aged 55 and older. 81.5% of the population identifies as white while 13.3% identifies as Latino/Hispanic and 10% identifies as Black/African American. 5% of the population identifies as American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander or Other.

67% of the population of Texas District 4 was born in the State of Texas.

District 4’s median household income in 2016 was $52,481. The US median for the same time period was $57,617. The unemployment rate is 5.8%.

86.4% of District 4 residents age 25 years and over is a high school graduate or higher. 22.1% has attained a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Source: www.census.gov / https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/publications/2017/acs/acsbr16-02.pdf

Education, economic development, community investment. Let's get to work.


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Krantz for Congress

Austin College Student Town Hall Candidate Forum

Date: February 21, 2018

Time: 5:00 - 6:30

Location: Mabee Hall which is located on the second floor of the Wright Campus Center, Austin College Sherman


Austin College Student Town Hall Candidate Forum

Austin College Student Democrats will host a Town Hall Candidate Forum on the campus for students and community members, come out and meet the US House District 4 candidates: Catherine Krantz and Lander Bethel running against each other in teh Democratic Primary,  and John Cooper running against Congressman Ratcliffe in the Republican Primary.


Come see us in Mabee Hall which is located on the second floor of the Wright Campus Center, Austin College Sherman TX

Jeffrey Payne for Governor, Meet & Greet

Date: February 22, 2018

Time: 18:15-19:15

Location: Quitman Public Library, 202 E Goode St, Quitman TX 75783

Jeffrey Payne for Governor, Meet & Greet

Come meet gubernatorial candidate Jeffrey Payne

Black History Month Parade – Texarkana

Date: February 24, 2018

Time: 8:00

Location: Texarkana

Black History Month Parade – Texarkana

Come on out and see the parade, Catherine will be marching with the Bowie County Democrats. This year’s theme: Moving Forward with the Urgency of Now.

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