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February 4, 2018  |  by: Catherine Krantz  |  filed under: Issues  |  topics: , ,  


Top Bipartisan Concerns of Rural Constituents:  Investment in Telecommunications Infrastructure.

Happy New Year! It’s January 1,  first day of 2018,  and as I sit here and try to upload my first blog post of the year to my website I am reminded yet again why investment in telecommunications infrastructure is my personal pain point.  I, like so many of us in District 4, live out in the country.  It’s a beautiful place with rolling hills and sweeping views and crappy internet. We run a business, a campground on a lake.  Our guests don’t think of internet as a luxury, it’s a basic service and it’s expected.  We have the highest level of internet service available in our area and its inconsistent at best: spotty, slow, chronically intermittent.  It is so unreliable that we keep a second internet plan as a back up for the times the internet is too slow for the most basic use: email and online banking. We are paying two to three times as much as our urban counterparts and still feel like we are getting a bare minimum service.  We are far from the “internet of things” capability of integrated smart products and the technology and services that urban consumers take for granted.  Even talking about high speed internet or broad band makes most technology loving rural residents sigh wistfully.


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January 5, 2018  |  by: Catherine Krantz  |  filed under: Issues  |  topics: , ,  


 Today is January 4, 2018.  Today is Fat Cat day in the UK.  It’s the fourth day of the year and the UK’s wealthiest Top Executives will have already earned more in four days than the average citizen will make all year, with executives earning 147 times as much as employees.  In the US it is even worse. Glassdoor, an online job and salary reporting site, found that US chief executives were paid 204 times their employees’ median compensation.  An Associated Press study in 2015 found S&P 500 CEO median pay was $10.8 million dollars a year. The U.S. Census Bureau stated the median household income in the US in 2017 was $59,039.  That means top executives in America make almost as much per day as most Americans will make in an entire year. This is wealth inequality and it’s not good for anyone – at least not for very long.  History has proven unequal societies are unstable societies.

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