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January 2, 2018  |  by: Catherine Krantz  |  filed under: Issues  |  topics:  

Let’s Talk About GUNS

 I was born and raised in Texas.  I come from a family of avid sportsmen. My family has always owned guns.  I have zero interest in taking anyone’s guns away.  I know that hunters and outdoor sportsmen are by-and-large law abiding citizens that adhere to a wide variety of existing laws requiring licenses and permits and education. Outdoorsmen are also champions of nature and conservation.  A citizenry that enjoys the great outdoors is vital to a society that supports positive environmental policy.  I champion sportsmen and the right to bear arms.  BUT I do not feel that the right to bear arms should be used as a barrier to intelligent discourse about gun control and real solutions for gun violence in our society.  There is no excuse for our government to allow this common sense issue to be highjacked by partisan politics and special interest groups.  There are sensible solutions that can protect the public without infringing on our citizen’s rights, and we are long overdue in finding them.

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