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Catherine Krantz invited to Washington, called a rising star of the progressive political movement


February 11, 2018 – For immediate release

By Kimberly McClenney

We are thrilled to announce Congressional Candidate Catherine Krantz (D-Emory), has been selected for one of the most competitive candidate training programs in the nation, the 2018 Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s National Candidate Training that will be held in Washington, DC, in April 2018.  Catherine will join the PCCC’s 2018 roster of 500 local, state, and federal candidates, among the rising stars of the progressive political movement.  They will convene in Washington, DC, for four days of cutting-edge training, networking, and opportunities to meet with Congressional leaders.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC, BoldProgressives.org) is a million-member grassroots organization working at the local, state, and federal levels. It engages in electoral work and issue advocacy work on democracy issues and for economic populist priorities. The PCCC has raised over $22 million in grassroots donations for its electoral and advocacy work, and for progressive candidates and committees.

Catherine says she was surprised to hear that she had been nominated, and that the organization had already been hearing good things about her.  She is absolutely thrilled that she is considered one of America’s rising stars in the progressive movement and she feels very honored to be selected.  Catherine is looking forward to going to Washington in April, it will be her first trip to the nation’s capital.  She plans to come back with all the necessary tools to run a winning campaign so that she can #GetToWork as your Congresswoman in District 4.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, the first woman Senator from Massachusetts and PCCC endorsed candidate, says, “PCCC members were with me since the beginning — even before there was a beginning!”  Warren will be attending and speaking at the training event in April.

Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor founded PCCC in 2009 to fight for progressive issues such as Wall Street reform and accountability, expanding Social Security, debt-free college, national health care coverage through Medicare, ending surveillance and protecting privacy, stopping bad trade deals like TPP, insuring a free and open Internet, and paid family leave.  The PCCC provides training and supports candidates running for office through fundraising, volunteers and technology. They have supported candidates with millions of phone calls to voters and trained thousands of candidates and campaign staffers in the nuts-and-bolts of running for office.  They currently endorse candidates all across America.

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Catherine Krantz invited to Washington, called a rising star of the progressive political movement

by Catherine Krantz