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Let’s Talk About FAMILY

I am fortunate to have always had a strong supportive family. It was traditional in some ways, non-traditional in others.  One thing I always knew was that I could count on them. My family gave me a solid foundation of security and confidence that allowed me to venture out and prosper.  I know that my family has been a big part of my success in life.

If two people want to make a commitment to each other, promise to help and support and take care of each other, and create a family together, why it is any of my business who they choose?  There are certain rights that we extend to families and family members.  These family rights have to do with family situations: medical decisions, estates and inheritance, divorce, shared health plans, children…  Some of the definitions we use may be out of date or no longer representative of modern societal norms, but the fact remains that we give families rights that we do not give to non-families.  We do so because we understand the value of family, people committing to a lasting union.  We believe strong families benefit children and society.  I support families and I support all families having the same rights.   

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Let’s Talk About FAMILY

by Catherine Krantz