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Payroll deductions are not a small thing, they are real cash money taken from workers.  Money that could have been spent on vital things like living expenses or on retirement savings.  It has been proven that the amount of money the average American pays into social security every year would have been enough for a substantial retirement package had they been allowed to invest it on their own. This abuse of social security is one of the many reasons Americans have lost faith in their government institutions.


Social Security has been paid for by the American people. It is deducted from our paychecks every week.  We are not given a choice to contribute, we are required to contribute.  Every single week 6.2% of our wages are deducted from our paychecks, and our employer contributes an additional 6.2%, for a total of 12.4% of our wages being given to Social Security every single year.  That means the average American making $50,000 a year contributes over $6,000 dollars a year into Social Security.  If SS is insolvent, it is breach of contract.   If SS is insolvent it is because that money was stolen, taken by our government without our permission. SS must be repaid.  It must be repaid and made solvent again for the American people who have paid into it, in good faith, their entire working lives.  Repaying this debt should be a priority above all things.



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by Catherine Krantz